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VBA snippet please? To copy various non contiguous Table rows to append to that table.

At the point of insertion, pause and ask for my "ok" or allow me to choose a different insertion point.
Insertion point to be above third row from the bottom, and make it clear what I can change in the code to make that say the 4th or whatever.

Please keep it very simple (that means no abstract thought or variables if at all possible) as I will be copying it into VBA as desired for use and otherwise keeping it outside Excel and i want to be able to understand it.

Maybe I will surrender to VBA for this, we will see

Here is the current file,

The table is in the DATA sheet. 

What you are doing is taking existing transactions and copying them to be re-used for new but similar transactions. This is more of a pain in a structured table than one that is not structured.

Probably apparent I am not right now sure if I want to append or to insert.  Which ever is easier to code is fine.

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Roy Cox
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What does this mean?

At the point of insertion
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Hi Roy the row above which the copied row will be inserted.  Anthony
Are you copying manually?
yes, busy trying to get the hang of short cuts:
Shift spaceselect table row
Apple C 
copy it
Ctrl Shift + =insert row

copy it - starting in that cell so move to A first

If you want prompts then you need VBA.

Are you using Widows or a Mac?
Mac - it's the selection of multiple non contiguous rows that manual operations can't do. - Anthony
Sorry, I don't work with Mac  and the code can be different to Windows.
ok no problem, thanks anyway for exploring.

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Anthony Mellor
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