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windows xp computer will not booty

I have an old Windows XP Pro (HP) desktop computer that I wanted to fire up and see what was on it. When I turn on the power the fans start blowing hard but I cannot get anything to show up on the monitor.  Can't even see the boot options on the screen like ESC or F12. Can't see the HP logo come up either.  Not sure if it is a video card issue or hard drive.  Any ideas on what to try and get it going?  I know that's not much info but I don't know where to begin.  The fans blowing crazy is odd I would think.  
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I think it is not the hdd, because the hp logo can be displayed without hdd.
Will the computer beep? Count them and google for it. Can be video, cpu, mainboard
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I unplugged the hard drive and then booted it up and that stopped the fans issue.  The next time I turned on the pc with the hard drive plugged int the fans do not blow hard anymore.  Still cannot get anything to show up on the monitor.  I tried 2 monitors both vga then I installed a video card with DVI port and I still get black screen.
So @Antoine asked if there were any beeps and to count and google, any results there?

Is the hard drive light steady either on or off, does it flicker? If you put your ears close enough, you should be able to hear the hard drive hopefully above the sound of your fan,

As per @Antoine's comment, it's likely not HDD, but in troubleshooting to even get the BIOS options I would leave it plugged out.

Prior to powering-on the desktop did you open the case and use compressed air? Dust does transmit electricity, enough to short out circuits, should you attempt this now, be sure the physical power cable is disconnected and for extra precaution your grounded,
XP was current in the 2003 era, which is now 20 years back.  It is likely that the motherboard's capacitors have failed.  The motherboard's logic is able to latch the power line to keep the power supply running, but the CPU won't go.

This can be confirmed by inserting a POST diagnostic card into the ISA or or PCI bus.  If the POST card doesn't count, the motherboard is dead.

It is possible to re-cap the motherboard but there's no telling what else might be wrong with the unit.

If the immediate end is to see what's on the disk and not necessarily to run XP, then attach the (presumably IDE) drive to a $6 fits-all-drives to USB kit, and then plug the USB connector into any running machine.

If on the other hand the end is to recommission an XP system, go to your local computer recycler and ask them to pick out any machine with an XP license sticker on it that still works.  This should not cost more than $20.  Pull the drive out of the old machine and stick it into the replacement.   Windows will gripe and whine about missing device drivers but it will boot enough to get into basic VGA mode.
Check the BIOS battery. reseat the memory, or better pull the memory to see whether you can trigger any action...

Any beeping/troubleshooting light indicating an error could help.
In the current state it is unclear what is going on.
Presumably you took the HD and connected it to another system to try and see whether it is still functional.

can you confirm the montiors are working in the mode you are connecting it to this system?
If it has multiple input, see whether you need to manually switch monitor input?
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