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Prestaged distribution point settings

I added a new driver package to SCCM, and it stay in "Waiting for prestaged content" for the last 12 hours. The description is "Distribution Manager is waiting for package MYD001EF content to be prestaged on the distribution point ["Display=\\SCCM.mydomain.com\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=MYD"]\\SCCM.mydomain.com\. You must manually prestage the package MYD001EF on the distribution point before the content will be available.".
This works fine until today
My distribution Point is enable for prestaged content
I find these errors in distmgr.log
SetNamedSecurityInfo() failed.   SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER   6/3/2021 6:44:32 PM   3992 (0x0F98)
SetObjectOwner() failed. 0x80070002.   SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER   6/3/2021 6:44:32 PM   3992 (0x0F98)
SetFileSecurity() failed.   SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER   6/3/2021 6:44:31 PM   3992 (0x0F98)
On Site Status all roles are OKI tried a new driver package with only one driver and get the same issue.
SCCM Version 2103
Any Ideas

Windows Server 2012SCCM

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