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Citrix Netscaler : Issue trying to renew the SSL Certificate

Hello Experts,

I am having issue renewing the expired ssl certificate of my NetScaler.
I use:
Citrix StoreFront (Version: 1811.1.0)
NetScaler Virtual Appliance 450040 (Netscaler VPX Standard Edition)
The Storefront, Netscaler VMs are hosted on AWS.

First, I have noticed that my storefront ssl certificate was expired

So, I have followed the step by step guide from https://c4rm0.wordpress.com/replace-expired-or-expiring-storefront-certificate/  , and I was able to renew it.

When I try to import the renewed certificate to NetScaler, I get error "File Operation Failed".
Can someone please help me troubleshoot it?

* Citrix StorefrontCitrixNetScaler

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Dirk Kotte

8/22/2022 - Mon