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What email client should I install and what are the steps to migrate ?

I am preparing a new PC for my mom, and could value some custom directions on how to proceed regarding her email.
- Her current PC has Windows 7 and outlook express configured with her mail in pop3
- Her new PC (the one I am preparing for her right now) is also my former PC, which I used until last year: it has Windows 10 and Thunderbird, which is still configured with my own emails, all in pop3.
For this new PC, I hesitate between keeping the currently installed Thunderbird, or rather go for outlook express. She is over 80, so it would be better if her environment doesn’t change too much, but I also would like the migration of her mail to be as simple and safe as possible. Your advise here would be very nice.
And once choosen the better email client, what steps should I perform to migrate her mail to the new PC ?  In any case I want her to keep a pop3 configuration.
Thanks for your help
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