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Font Corruption in Power Point

We have a user with an issue regarding fonts on their PC. This is when using the Gotham font package. The fonts seem to be unrecognizable when being used in any application, especially PowerPoint. I have tried to uninstall the fonts and re-install them but to no success. You can see an example of the issue below, where the font has been garbled and squished down in the middle of the screen. Any ideas?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Hello Daniel

I am not an expert in PowerPoint and probably won't be able to make as qualified suggestions as some of the other experts on here, but can I suggest that you tell us what the Operating System is and what version of PowerPoint is being affected.  That will save them from having to ask for these details and await your answer before they can consider where the problem lies.
Karen Falandays

I am a bit confused. Which program is using the Gotham font? Are you trying to open a doc from another source where this Gotham font set was used? If so, the owner of the original document might need to save as a PDF or Export>Package the presentation in PowerPoint.
Need more details here!
John Korchok

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I was going to suggest what John Korchok suggested -- that you may need to set a default printer.

Also, I recently learned that, especially with cloud fonts, PowerPoint will sometimes have spacing issues on first download, and then it resolves itself when you close and re-open PowerPoint. When I had an issue with a cloud font, I closed PPT, specified a default printer driver, and then restarted PPT and the problem was resolved. I don't know if the resolution was simply because I closed and re-opened PowerPoint, though, not necessarily the printer driver.

Additionally, is the user opening the file in PowerPoint online, or are they using PowerPoint installed on their desktop? PowerPoint online may have issues with nonstandard fonts.

Finally, is the version of Gotham you are using the same as is used in the file? For example, there are both paid and free versions of Gotham you can download, and PowerPoint won't necessarily recognize those as the same fonts.
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