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JQuery load php file - 500 - I think it might be CORS

Hi All,

I am changing a Joomla 3.9 view I made to load only parts of DIVs instead of the whole page with JQuery.

So I cut up my working view and deleted the "changeable part".
Moved the "changeable part" into a separate php file, same web server, same domain.

But when I try to $("#loaddivhere").load("components/com_mycomp/views/myview/tmpl/mydiv.php");
I receive a 500 Get error.

And I think it might be CORS.

The general section of the NETWORK inspector is:

  1. Request URL:
  2. Request Method:
  3. Status Code:
  4. Remote Address:

  5. Referrer Policy:

What am I doing wrong that CORS is kicking in.... ? Or maybe it should as it is an external file.

My goal is to refresh specific divs (or single div in this test case) so I can have a fluid UX.

Please help.

Many thanks in advance


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