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Reliable Private E-mail Hosting

Hello Experts,

I closed my social media and gmail account back in September.  I have a Apple Mail account that I have had since the year of 2000 but do not use it for anything overly confidential.  I established a private e-mail account many years ago for my resumes, doctors office communications, banking and billing and for life lock.  It was hosted through godaddy, not through Microsoft or 365.  I do have another e-mail account through them that is for my artwork and photography.

With that back story, Godaddy is moving totally over to Microsoft 365.  Are there any alternatives to private e-mail hosting besides 365 or those hosted outside of the US?  Godaddy suggested gmail and/or apple mail as the alternative.  I would like to move all 3 e-mail accounts to a provider that's private and not working under the privacy policies of Microsoft, Gmail, or Apple or Amazon or their servers.  

Are there any?  Any advice is appreciated.  

Thank you so much,


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Short of hosting it yourself, your email will be subject to the terms of service of the provider.  Generally, if you pay for a service, your email is considered YOURS but, strictly speaking, if a government provides a court order to a provider, the provider must comply with the order to provide the data.  So again, short of hosting it yourself, you're stuck.

You might be able to get a VM and host the mail on that, but you'll need to be more technical to set that up.

And keep in mind, your email addresses will have to change - you can't have an "apple mail" account hosted somewhere OTHER than apple.  
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Understood.  I wasn't planning on moving the apple account, just the other two, sorry should have said 2 accounts instead of 3.  I actually had my own exchange server years ago when I became certified in Exchange. I'm not doing anything that would require concerns over anyone wanting access to my e-mail, but I don't want my doctor communications or banking or anything else being subject to the policies of Microsoft or Google or any of the larger tech companies.  I'd like it to be in the US since I don't really understand how their policies in another country would relate since I am in the US.

Thank you everyone I will look over all the resources given and check back.