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Advice on Adding a 1 TB Enterprise drive to a Power Edge T320, housing a PERC H710 adapter

I have an old Dell server I wish to buy some time on. It's working fine, I just need extra data storage. As it states in my initial question, its a:

Dell Power Edge T320, using a PERC H710 adapter

This is my current configuration:

DELL EMC     Open Manage Server Administrator
                        PERC H710 Adapter
                        Connector 0 (RAID)
                                    Enclosure (Backplane)
                                    Physical Disks
                                                RAID 1
                                                            ID 0:1:0
                                                            SATA  - 465.25 GB
                                                                           WDC WD5003ABYX-18WERA0
                                                             ID 0:1:1 
                                                            SATA – 465.25 GB
                                                RAID 1 
                                                            ID 0:1:2 
                                                            SATA – 931.00 GB
                                                                           TOSHIBA MG03ACA100
                                                            ID 0:1:3 
                                                            SATA – 931.00 GB
                                                                           TOSHIBA MG03ACA100
                        Connector 1 (RAID)
                                    NO DISKS

Being that you don't change/or add drives everyday, I want to ensure I am thinking correctly, before I make a move.
I am adding a Dell Certified 1 TB Enterprise Class SATA 3.5 Hard Drive to the existing server. I am using it for achieving purposes, so I don't need to make it into a RAID. I'm thinking all I need to do, is to just plug it in, format it, and call it a day.
I believe the drives are hot swappable, but, I will be cautions and down the server before I slip the drive in an open bay.

Am I good with my proposed solution?
Is there anything I am missing?
Aside from backups, is there any  precautions I need to take prior to the event?

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