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MacBook Microsoft Remote Desktop will not redirect printer even though its selected

MacBook Using Microsoft Remote Desktop on MacBook to connect to windows 10 pro workstation.  Up until early May there were no problems printing.

Printers do not show up in the remote computer after connections even though printers are selected under resources
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Jazz Marie Kaur

Hi that's odd. If you had a Time Machine back up and not many changes were made on the Mac use that as a last resort or even the Windows OS workstation may have a restore point but probably not ideal. It could be a permissions problem if you're seeing it suddenly or an update could have broken things. Do you see errors on the remote Windows OS workstation in Event Viewer logs, Security, Applications etc. Do you see updates on either side that kicked in recently. I think I have seen driver detection or lost driver issues too. I would look closely at permissions and drivers if they suddenly vanished. Perhaps you can use ProcMon on the Windows OS or process monitor to see if a process or disruption for connection\access establishment. A general troubleshooting step I do is remove\re-install my remote access application, try to start from scratch, check the logs for errors or examine\reverse updates, try a different Windows OS or fresh user profile to set up printers on from scratch. If it continues, then your very last resort Microsoft could assist via ticket potentially. Hope that helps provide some troubleshooting direction.

So it appears windows is unable to identify the printers the ports appear but no printers show up.  Nothing in event viewer.
Jackie Man

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William Peck

Is it working with other users?  Maybe printer redirection is block by group policy or local group policy.

So after uninstalling all the printers and drivers on the Windows 10 computer (this is the computer being remoted into).
First uninstalled all the printers.
Second in server properties removed all drivers.
Third removed all ports.
Logged into computer remotely and the printer was identified and installed.
  I was able to get the printing working..

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