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Need help mapping array of number strings ["1","2"] to text descriptions

In my Angular 11 typescript code I am getting back a few fields  from the API in this format.  
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In my call to assign the response to a local var i need to swap those above values out and replace them with meaningful descriptions such as:  "some description" instead of the numbers strings.

Here is my call to get data.  
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const eligibility = {
   1: "desc1",
   2: "desc2",
   3: "desc3",
   4: "desc4",
const items = => eligibilty[x]);

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Having some trouble making this work.  Im trying to alter my local typescript model class called FormData.
you can see the eligibility field in there.  So when I get the response I assign it to this FormData Class.  You can see the response in a previous message screenshot.  

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