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Can Excel's "RTRIM" formula be used to remove trailing spaces on the right-hand side of a cell as in =RTRIM(B5) or do you have to use TRIM as in TRIM(B5)?
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If your version of Excel has a RTRIM function then you should use that. My Excel 2010 doesn't seem to have it.
LTrim for the cell C1:

RTrim for the cell A1:
<>" ")*ROW(A1:INDEX(A:A,LEN(A1))),,))+1,LEN(A1),""),"")
I use the Beta Channel of Microsoft 365, which is the absolute most recent version released outside Microsoft. There is no RTRIM function in Excel's list of built-in functions. Neither is there one in Google Sheets.

VBA does have an RTrim function, however. You may use it to create an RTrim2 function for use in worksheet formulas bu putting the following code in a regular module sheet (not a worksheet code pane or ThisWorkbook). Save the file with .xlsm, .xlsb or .xls file extension, and make sure to enable macros when you first open the file.
Function RTrim2(text As String) As String
RTrim2 = RTrim(text)
End Function

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I used this function in a worksheet formula like  =RTrim2(A2)
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Wow.  This all seems very complex.  Would simply TRIM(B5) work?
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