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Mozilla Firefox Cant Load Google

I am having an issue with Firefox within my network. Firefox worked fine loading webpages when running v85. It was recently updated to v88 and since then google will not load consistently. It is the default search provider for most users so any search done from the address book yields no results. No error messages are occurring. It simply tries for about 30 seconds and then just stops. I am not using a proxy and the system has direct access out to the internet. All other browsers are working fine. If I downgrade to v85 it will resume working, but doing this large scale would be quite the challenge. I have tried removing all policies being deployed by GPO as well and this has not seemed to help. Cache has been deleted and Refresh of Firefox has also been done. I also tried updating again to v89 to see if a change in the later release would correct it, but issues still persists. Open to any suggestions at this point.
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have you tried running firefox in safe mode without extensions and in incognito mode? This behaviour is not normal
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Firefox works fine on my computers (10 of them) from version 52 to version 89.  I don't think Firefox is the problem.  Do you have a firewall on your network?
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What error do you get?  Have you tried clearing cookies for Google sites?
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Try deleting your Cache.
Don't forget to restart your browser afterwards.
  • Are you using W10 Firefall or other security software, or firewall as stated above
  • Are these users on VPN or onsite, or both or one?
  • I have seen in the past I think odd config setting issues within Firefox, perhaps look into that I cannot recall which but remember a past co-worker modified a config or backend setting for a site to work if I recalll. This is an example of what I'm referring to https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1200943
  • Did you clear out the cache + history from All Time? Or test safe mode as suggested above? Are there extensions
  • Maybe try using Process Monitor to see if there's a conflicting process running at the time of the issue
  • Is the OS fully updated on all machines, network drivers etc. I doubt thats the source of the issue though
  •  Have you tried disabling hardware accleration in Firefox settings, I know even in Chrome that causes odd behavior with page loading, white screens etc.
  • Do you see specific errors in the console when on Google in FF https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools/Web_Console
  • You could back up bookmarks then perform a fresh uninstall and reinstall of Firefox perhaps on one station as a test.
  • Last resort you may also want to post this issue in the Firefox Support community to get more eyes on it 
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