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How can I get my dell desktop to turn off without restarting?

I have a dell inspiron 570. I installed a ssd hard drive and now it will not turn off. I have tried shutdown through windows and made a shutdown with various switches and even tried a third party software and nothing helps.
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TURN off meaning powerdown?
or you mean it will not go into Sleep or hibernation?

check power settings.
Check windows update settings on whether you have it set to allow the system to be kept on while updates are being retrieved and installed.

trying to distinguish between a coincidence and a causal relationship.

Adding a peripheral, device,commonly does not alter the behavior of the OS on a desktop.
i would test with another PS if it does the same
if it does - the motherboard probably is faulty
if not - it is the PS
note it may be caused by a low bios battery - check date and time ; and - to be sure, measure if it has still min 3V - or replace it ( cost = 1$)
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Thanks for all your responses! I really appreciate your help!
It was bad capacitors. I tried everything that everyone suggested!