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Need help getting dates to appear on X axis in Power BI

I'm trying to create a line graph in Power BI but am not able to get individual dates to appear on the X axis.  The Collection Date column in the source table is formatted mm/dd/yyy and currently has values from 7/7/2020 to 5/25/2021 (23 records).   Selecting Day from the options in the Axis box result in values of 2M, 4M, and 6M appearing on the X axis which are not meaningful and have no relation to the data.  If Month is selected from the options in the Axis box each month of the calendar appears but in chronological order (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc).  I can accept month if that is my only choice but it needs to appear in Month Year format and ordered July 2020 through May 2021.

The source table has a column titled Fiscal YTD Range with a value of "7/1/2020 to 6/30/2021" for each record.  It would be nice to have this appear for the user's benefit but I'm not able to add that to any box as the system won't accept it.

Any suggestions on what I should try would be appreciated.  
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