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Windows OS corrupt? Cannot do any updates or reinstall windows

Having huge issues with an HP laptop - there is no sticker on it but I checked through command prompt and looks like it's an HP 15
It need some updates, but when I go to Windows Update, it says 'your device is missing important security and quality fixes' but when I click Check for Updates it spins for a couple of minutes and then just stops without bringing up any updates.
I backed up all the data, but when I try to do a Fresh Start or Reset of the computer I get: "There was a problem resetting your PC, no changes were made".
Ran a full system scan and it said that it found and repaired corrupt files, but that has not helped anything. 
Went to MS and created a USB media tool and tried that but could not boot from the USB.  Changed the boot sequence and turned off secure boot and enabled Legacy settings - still would not boot from the USB, but at one point was bringing up a screen with a bunch of colors sort of blinking.  Also downloaded the .iso image and used RUFUS to burn it to USB and that also would not boot.  Went into Recovery and from Advanced Startup tried to boot from USB and same issue.
I ran CCleaner and cleaned everything up in the registry but still same issue...I realize the OS is probably corrupted, but how can I reinstall Windows when it won't boot to my USB...there is no CD drive on this laptop.
Any suggestions/help would be GREATLY appreciated. 
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Replace the HD then see if you can now boot from the USB stick. If not, put the disk into another PC and start the OS installation there, but turn the PC off when it does the first reboot during the installation. Remove the disk & install into the laptop & see if the installation continues.

Also, have you tried all USB ports?
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Yes all of the USB ports seem to work.  The USB stick is recognized, just cannot boot from it.  I will try your suggestions, thank you :)

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Hello There

there is no CD drive on this laptop.
Use the external CD/DVD drive.
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I don't have an external CD/DVD drive
Hello Katarina,

Firstly, I assume this is Windows 10? That being a given, I'd suggest you try the following steps.

The following suggestions are explained in detail in an article I recently wrote and had published.

Proceed with the suggestions below if you want to troubleshoot the problem first. (recommended)

Else, skip down to the Perform a Non-Destructive Upgrade heading below to try and repair without bothering to troubleshoot first.

Troubleshooting Steps

Refer to the above-linked article for additional information about any of the following commands.

Open an Administrator Command Prompt and run the following commands in the order suggested;

Read-Only mode - no switches. Let me know what the result of the scan was.
(This is Step 2 in the above article)

SFC /scannow 
Were any repairs reported when the command completed the scan? If so, what were they?
(This is Step 3 in the above article)

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
(This is Step 4 in the above article)

Try Windows Update again.

If still no joy, report back with the information requested for both Chkdsk and SFC above.

Perform a Non-Destructive Upgrade 

You can use the following process to perform a non-destructive upgrade of your Windows 10 installation that "should" get your system up to date with the missing updates and return normal Windows Update functionality to you.

The entire process of how to do a Non-Destructive Upgrade is explained in another one of my articles here:

Follow the steps in the above article and let me know how you go. Instructions start at the "Starting your Upgrade Repair of Windows 10" heading in the article.

Hope that's helpful.

Regards, Andrew

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Thanks, yes Win 10 Home.  I had already tried all of the troubleshooting tips above as a first step.
I did resolve the issue though.
I went to the HP Site and updated the BIOS and installed a new graphics driver because I was wondering if that blinking screen that I get when I boot to the thumb drive might be caused by that.
Anyhow, I then was able to boot to a thumb drive that I created from a command prompt and reinstall Windows.  Seems to be working fine now. 
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