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Connecting to client application/database via Internet

I had a customer that was setup with two servers, a SBS2011 as the main server and then a Server 2012 as a secondary one, we needed the secondary one because the software companies client application would not work on SBS2011 - I firmly believe I had worked with them about six years ago to set all this up but they say we didnt. We are using a Sonicwall TZ400W for the firewall. Fast forward to now, we replaced the two servers with one - a Windows 2012 server running both the database and the client application.  We have a link on the website for the client application so it will go to the public IP of the customer and supposed to open but we would get a timeout.  I spoke to the software company and they felt it had something to do with port forwarding on the firewall - I did find an Address Object where it was pointing to the old server, I changed this and now I get a 404 page not found error, so it appears its getting further in the process.  If I am on the server, and go into localhost, it brings up the program right away.  I have been working with Sonicwall trying to figure out a solution.  The one thing I thought of is when we put in the new server, we used the existing cable from the old main server - and just unplugged the other one - which both were plugged into the Sonicwall - one on X0 and the other on X1 - not sure if that would make a difference or not.
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When we were running sonicwalls, it was a pain to connect to your outside address from inside, so I had split DNS...
Inside you connected to the inside address, and outside you went to the natted address...
So since it worked before, I would look at ALL the sonic wall configs to see if you not only have to change the port forwards, but change the firewall rules that point to the old internal address to the new...

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We figured this out and was only an issue of not having the port designated on the website.
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