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Why has my custom PowerPoint menu ribbon suddenly disappeared?

I am finalizing the update of a PowerPoint AddIn that uses a custom menu ribbon.  I use a .pptx file for development, then when I am finished I save as a .ppam, which I distribute to users.

I use the Custom UI Editor tool from Microsoft to create a custom ribbon menu tab with buttons and dropdowns to invoke various VBA macros.  I've used this technique successfully for over ten years in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

It was working fine this afternoon.  But now all the sudden I cannot see my custom ribbon!  When I open my file in PowerPoint, no custom tab is created (I have compiled my macros and no errors there).  Also, when I open the file in the Custom UI Editor, I don't see the xml part with my ribbon code.  

Does anybody know what might be going on and how I can get my custom ribbon to re-appear?  I am supposed to deploy this tool tonight so this is urgent.

I'm using Office 365 and Windows 10.

Thanks in advance.
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