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Access Performance Now Terrible on my Local Machine


I have a departmental Access Db on a Windows Server on our network and I put DEV copies on my local machine because its faster to navigate. I recently had a Windows update on my local machine to version 2004 that failed and reverted back to version 1809. About the same time, my Access performance on my local machine slowed down remarkably. So for example, I just did a test to open a 1.7mil record table on the Windows Server version and it took 15 sec. On my desktop, to open the same table took 70 sec!
It used to be faster on my local machine than on windows server. Is this performance issue due to the failed windows update?

Windows 10Microsoft AccessWindows Server 2008

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Are you opening a copy of the same file? If not try copying a fresh version of it down to your PC and testing again.
If it is a different version of the file try a compact/repair on the DB and see if that helps.
As for the update it is possible it changed something but typically when updates fail and roll back it replaces all the files it modified.
If the files are the same version I would try a reinstall of Access. (or the runtime which ever your using)

It's hard to say, but I would first ensure that your DB is pointing to the right datastore (your local drive and not the server).

Use the Linked Table Manager to check that or check a table from the debug window (Ctrl/G) with:

?  CurrentDB().tabledefs("mytable").Connect

and hit return.  The connect string will show you where that table is pointed to.

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It a split database and i copy both the front and the back end of the Prod version to my hard drive and then I always relink the Front end to the local copy of the back end.
The table that I'm testing is in the back end and im opening it from the front end. just for kicks I went into the back end and it opened almost immediately
Get this...then i tried to open a different large table, about 1.8mil records, but this one is in the front end and it also took about one minute to open...so somehow my front end is slow but its not related to linked tables.
I've never seen Access behave this way before so i dont know what to make of it
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yep i have an i7 8th Gen laptop, about 1 year old
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