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Share WiFi connected internet via Ethernet.

Hi there,
i have a client who has an all in one Lenovo desktop.
He has it connected to the internet via WiFi.
He wants to set up a VOIP phone from the internet connection on this pc.
Can he use the inbuilt ethernet on the pc to share the internet connection?
I don't think it's POE but i'll check with him that it's powered already.
Also, will this affect the speed as it's not the greatest already, around 4-6mbps download & 1-2 upload.
All comments & help are much appreciated as always. ;)
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Hi Kimputer,
thanks for the input.
I'm thinking their speeds are pretty minimal to have this working reliably? Not something i've done before.
Uploads/Downloads won't be a problem while the phone is being used as that's not something they would be doing regularly anyway.. Any way of prioritising the ethernet connection just in case?

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No, Windows is not a fully fledged router. ICS is there for convenience. No options can be adjusted. Just try to shutdown up-/downloads, when a call comes in or you want to call someone.
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Ok, so my initial suggestion to them to just wire the connection would definitely be the best option?
Just wanted to cover the bases in case they come back to me.
The main issue is that it is an all in one pc on a wheeled desk that gets moved around from time to time so wired connection won't always work.
I also suggested cordless phones to move around but they haven't come back to me yet.
If the VoIP isn't wifi capable, the wifi shared connection might lack the needed quality to have issues free calls.

What rputer is on premises?
Different things interfere with VoIP calls.
Make sure sip_alg us disabled on the router