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Monitors on docking station are not working

A client of ours has a docking station that is having display issues. However, the external mouse and keyboard are working just fine. We have checked for updates, tried a new dock, moved monitors to other ports, tried different USB-C ports on the laptop. Windows recognizes removing the dock and re-adding, but still no resolution. Can someone please advise?

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What OS? With most of them you need to look for a setting like "Display Settings" or similar, then check if the external display is shown, then tell the settings what you want to do with it.
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Windows 10, not the external displays are not showing.
Need more details i.e. laptop make and model, same with the dock make and model
Computer is LENOVO 20KJ0010US on Windows 10.
By checked for updates were you referring to all manufacter updates for the both laptop, docking station and OS all three checked?

Do you see errors in Windows Event Viewer > System Logs

One time I found a defective power strip and outlet, maybe the power source is wonky or causing problems for the docking station or monitors etc.

Try changing there display settings to something else then switch them back to the original. Sometimes Windows + P helps for troubleshooting

Lenovo has some other tips, but again varies per model:

Have you tried or you able to run or install Lenovo Diagnositcs?

If all else fails, then is the laptop covered under warranty?
Ok, so we brought the tablet and a new docking station back to our office. I plugged everything in and it wasn't working. I noticed that the power button had an orange light. I looked it up and read that the USB-C being plugged into the front of the docking station could cause that. I unplugged it from the front and plugged it into the back and it worked. I shit everything down and unplugged it and then plugged it all back in and powered it on and it is back to not working. 
How old are these monitors or were they just purchased and new? One time, on a past team we found a defect with one of the models and escalated to Dell I recall. What is the model of these monitors not working? I think one time in our EE Community a monitor was not staying on due to a new feature they were not aware of as well, I'll try to track down that case.
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Sorry, Frogworks the resolution was unclear, what occurred?