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Anyone have experience creating an image on Raid 1 and restoring to Raid 10 (Server 2012 w/SQL)


Brand new site today has 29 GB left of 1.2TB hot-plug dual-port SAS in a Raid 1 config. It is all data with no temp cleanups left. First thought was to image disk to a larger drive. But larger drives aren't compatible with that server according to HPE and the 1.6TB doesn't really seem to buy a  lot of space.

Second thought is to build a RAID 10 with four 1.2 TB drives. The "sounds good on paper" belief is I can create a bare metal image from the one drive restore to the new raid 10 volume. What is anyone's experience with this process and what software did you use to create the bare metal image? Any special considerations for the SQL or is that irrelevant with Bare Metal?

Thanks for all insights.
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