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ipad Air 2

my IPAD Air 2 with touch recognition asks me to enter my code regularly, 5 times or more in a month, to activate touch
How can i stop this?

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Eoin OSullivan
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can you please upload a screenshot showing what specific kind of code is being asked regularly?
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the code to unlock the ipad 
Have you verified what your passcode and wake up settings are set to currently? Settings (Gear icon) > View Display & Brightness > Under Auto-Lock try increasing the time for locking
Or Settings > General > Find Passcode Lock

Are they set to the highest lockout frequency time is it  10,15 minutes or an hour? If its already set to the highest, then maybe just try changing it to another time to see if you notice it is unresponsive to any time lock out changes you apply under settings.
Perhaps disable touch and re-enable touch or try removing and re-adding the touch recognition to try to "reset" it possibly.

Disable touch ID and try just enabling or leaving the passcode for a bit then re-enable touch to monitor if the error comes back. 
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>>    If the system has restarted it asks for your passcode.  <<  for all i know it has not been reset ( that's what you mean with restarted - right) ?
>>   If the system hasn't been in use a long while it will ask for your passcode.    << we use it every day
the above seem logical to me - but why it still asks for the code in my case?  there's only my wife and me using it

@nobus - bad news .. what @serialband says is Correct .. in the most recent iOS releases Apple have decided that the PASSCODE is now required to be entered on a fairly regular basis in order to then have access to the touch-based login.

If the iPad is left run down to the point where it shuts off and needs to be recharged in order to be powered up
if you power off the iPad and then power it on
if an iOS update is applied
if Apple think you might just like the Touch-based login too much ;-)

THEN they require the passcode periodically in order to re-enable the Touch-based login

Its annoying and overly restrictive but there is no setting to change this .. UNFORTUNATELY
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>>  If the iPad is left run down to the point where it shuts off and needs to be recharged in order to be powered up   << it was never that far
>>  if you power off the iPad and then power it on   <<  it was not powered off
the others  - i can't do anything about it

btw - on a smartphone does it exist an analog to  Windows explorer?  that'qs something i don't know either
On iOS whether iPad or iPhone there is NO equivalent to a full system File Explorer.   For security and other reasons Apple have decided that entire Operating System iOS and all system files are inaccessible.

The FILES app on iOS allows you to manage files on your iCloud Drive and you can move files between the storage locations in apps like Dropbox, Google Drive and other apps which have a public storage component but it is VERY limited.

Unless you "jailbreak" and iOS device the majority of the code and system files are completely inaccessible.
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Eoin  i don't want to access OS files; only to clear some space in pictures and so; now i have to delete them 1 by 1- and i was wondering using explorer to select ten or more at a time to delete

to all  --  is it normal i receive the "enter your code" message with the usage  i pointed out ?
There are two reasons why this happens.

1. Every time your device restarts, for additional security you have to use your PIN.
2. Pretty much all devices that have fingerprint/FaceID technology require you to use your PIN occasionally. Else you would forget your PIN after a few weeks or months of not using it.

5 times a month is a very normal amount
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then the fingerprint is useless - if you cannot use it always
what a scam ....
@nobus - while the answers may not be what you wanted I believe we have clarified that periodic requests for the PIN are "by design" by Apple and cannot be disabled.
As there is no file explorer on iOS you cannot access the Photos but there are several ways to bulk select and delete photos.  The latest iOS versions support bulk select and drag-to-select in the PHOTOS app which should make it easy to select dozens or hundreds of photos fairly quickly and delete them in one click.
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