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Creating relationships between tables with no common columns in Power BI

Hello Experts:

I have several tables that I want to create a visual for.  Two of the tables are below:

What I am trying to do is create a relationship so that I can associate the sales to the target.  I am also trying to create a visual that will display this relationship, possibly in a progress bar type display where the target like the following (given Sales for Year 2021 and Period 1). For the below example, the sales were greater than the target, so the progress is green. There is also a situation where it would be yellow if it's a % (say 90%) to target, and red if it's 75% or lower to target.  These values also come out of the Targets table, so if you can help with that, great:

Any given year, I may have a bunch of different Metrics and targets, but I'm just focusing on trying to get this to work.  Also, I am not married to the above visual, so if there is a better approach to show several metrics based on the year and period, please let me know  I did try to look this up online, but fell short.  I found one site that seems like it explained it, but didn't really provide a step by step and I quickly got lost.

Many thanks for any help you all can provide!
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