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SQL Server Reporting Services is slow to authenticate via the reports/api/v2.0/me api

I have a Windows Server 2019 implementation running SQL Server 2019 and SSRS 2019, I do not have a domain controller so the Windows Server and SSRS use Workgroup security and SQL uses Mixed Mode.

Everything works fine and while it can be fiddly to set up SQL and SSRS generally work OK in a Workgroup environment.

The only issue I have is that when I first load the Report Manager (http://localhost/reports) there is a delay of 6 seconds (this is fairly consistent). I have traced this to the api http://localhost/reports/api/v2.0/me - Chrome reports the delay is in this and indeed if I paste this into a web browser it takes 6 seconds to respond. A point of note is that http://localhost/reportserver does not have this issue.

I have tried this on various dev machines on Hyper-V on my laptop and I now have a production AWS EC2 Server which has exactly the same issue.

I know 6 seconds isn't a massive issue in the great scheme of things but I have got kind of obsessed with it...
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