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Visual Foxpro have to double start application for it to work?

I am using visual foxpro 8.0.  I have to double start my application in order for my foxpro application to appear.  The first attempt shows nothing on the task bar but task manager shows under Apps.  Second attempt opens the application ok.  

here is my main.prg set are main startup.

on shutdown do myshutdown
do form frm_admin
read event
on shutdown

**my shutdown file**
&& myshutdown
clos all
clea all
clear events

what could be causing this issue?
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Pavel Celba
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Independently on the CONFIG.FPW existence and instead of investigating the reason of your issue you may add the following line into main program:
_screen.Visible = .T.

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Of course, you should ensure the frm_admin form does not hide the screen again.

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I don't have a config.fpw, but you clued me into the foxuser.dbf.  I deleted foxuser.dbf and when I ran the application it recreate the foxuser.dbf resolving the issue.  Thanks for help pcelba our foxpro community. :)