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Booting a VM after SysPrep


I have built a new VM ready to convert to a template, and ran the following sysprep command against it
sysprep.exe /generalize /reboot /oobe /unattend:C:\Prep.xml

After this ran, the VM rebooted back to the login screen and i noticed the administrator password had been reset, so i logged in with alternate account to reset it back, then powered it down

Will this affect me being able to convert it a template no (from a sysprep perspective)

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Very likely since you went throught the out of box experience on reboot.
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is there anything i can do to repair then, do i just re-run it?
is there anything i can do to repair then, do i just re-run it?tto

I don't understand... Each child vm requires its own license / activation.

So use KMS or MAK keys

To skip the OOBE press CTRL-SHIFT-F3  when done sysprep /reseal
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if vSphere is used, why don't you use the sysprep included in vCenter?
VM customzation specification, in policy and profiles menu.
I think you will achieve your goal in an easier way.. but maybe i missed something here
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Basically what sysprep does is place the factory equipment, so the administrator account is reestablished again.

You can leave it blank or put a temporary account for administrator and then convert to template.

But remember that you must have the password of the administrator user when you deploy new servers, from the template.
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Thanks everyone

What i mean is i built the VM, Ran the sysprep command from which i understand you dont login to the VM aftrer this, instead you power it off and convert it

However, as the admin password changed when i ran the command i had to login to the VM and reset it back

My question is, now that ive logged into the VM after running sysprep, have i jeoprodised it, or can i now power it down and convert it ?

In our case, we use kms so each VM does not need a license at creation time.
create an unattend.xml with the administrator password and use the sysprep unattend.xml options
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We have that in place already - thanks but it dosnt answer question.

What i am needing to know is, Now that i have sysprepped the VM with the command in my OP, I have since logged into that VM as i needed to reset the admin password back, so, by logging into the VM post syspred, have i jeopridised the VM state (sysprepped)
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