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Printing to DYMO printer from Microsoft Access accde results in different papersizes no matter what options we save with the report.

We distribute a .accde front end access database to workstations via a login bat script.
We have a report in it that is configured to print to a printer named "DYMO"(same name, model, driver, and default paper size for every workstation). We have it configured for papersize 30256, but when you pull up the report from different workstations, this papersize changes. Sometimes its 30256, sometimes its 30252, sometimes its a different one. I've tried configuring the report to use default paper size, and set the default on all the dymos to 30256. Still doesn't work. 
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Try to use a Dymo template, and have the template available to all the workstations. That ensures everyone will print exactly the same.
Yea, lable printers sometimes develop their own life...
What you shoul dhave in mind:
a.) Windows has a default printer with default settings which are used, when the print job doesn't contain any information. b.) Each application can use its own settings according printers an settings. Some applications store their settings beside the default settings, others overwrite the windows default.
c.) Each application can overwrite the settings in the print job. So whatever is defined in the windows environment or for the application, the print job take predecence over any other setting.

The settings are usually cumulative, so that means for any setting, taht the print job overwrites application setting and application setting overwrite windows settings as far as present... If the prinbt job doesn't deliver a setting, the application default is used, if ther is no application default, the windows default is used, and if nothing is set at all, the printer default is used.

You maybe on the right path to set the defaults on all machines the same way, but be aware, that printers also have settings. As is looks like, that the setting changes, you have to find out, where it comes from.
The reliable solution would be, if the source application delivers all needed information with the print job. This would exclude that any other setting plays a role.

I will not exclude, that some drivers are written in a way, that the printer chooses a different format whenever the size of the source document doesn't match to the printer or job settings. As there are a lot of different sizes for lables, I can imagine that. So also an idea to check, if all clients are using the same driver version.

So, points to check:
- printer default format (usually over the printer sceen)
- windows default settings
- driver version installed on each workstation
- application default settings (as available)
- settings done by the document (access report)  

Well in my experience label printers has always being a kind of nuisance.
The solution that works ....take the .accdb on each of the workstations in question...format the label (report)...set it up to work as it should...compile...unless some modification is needed it would work without issues no matter what...
If you have frequent modifications then maybe you should consider somewhat something like a report server (a central machine) that handles all the requests and accordingly prints the matching reports to the client machines (untested scenario)

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My solution also works...tested in heavy production might not be elegant but is solution that works
Over 10 thermal printers,10 years+...millions of labels
I object as my solution works