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Create Local Admin Group with no connection to Domain

We're working on a remote workstation which has been set up especially for us to install our software on a trial basis. No other users and no other (non default) software.

They've set us up as a standard user which is useless. We need full admin rights. They're reluctant because (I'm assuming) they've added the machine to their domain and all members of their administrators group have access to their corporate email system. That's reasonable enough but it strikes me, as a non windows policy expert that they are missing several possible alternatives.

1 Set up an admin user in a standalone admin group (which has local admin rights only - no connection to the domain)

2 Exclude the machine from the domain

3 Create a standard user with enhanced priveleges (equivalent to admin)

I tried to google how to perform option 1 and found it easy enough to create a new group but impossible to find instructions on how to set the permissions for that group other than on an object by object basis which is clearly inappropriate.

I'm sure (2) can be done but I know nothing about how

I suspect (3) is also possible but, again, I don't know where to begin

And I wouldn't be surprised if the experts hereabout will come up with a dozen more options.

The simplest is the one I'm after!
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thanks for a speedy reply.

just fed that back to the client. Will update with their response...
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On that machine, go to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Local Users and Groups - Groups - Administrators, then add that local account. This will give that account admin access to that PC only.
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net localgroup administrators /add your)_username will add your account to the local administrators group.

much depends on what they are doing. The could always segment this workstation on a network such that it has no access to the domain network or is limited for the services it needs or needs to provide..
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Mike Taylor
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Hi - local admin is fine.

I feel I must point out that them having all their admins have corporate email access is bad practise. Admins need two accounts - one for email/paperwork and a separate privileged one for doing admin things.
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Mike Jacobs
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Mike, I totally agree.

Fortunately, I'm not responsible for their IT setup!  
And we're not yet embedded with them so I'm not about to start criticising their existing IT managers.

If we pass our trial and become part of the team, I'm sure I'll need to develop some kind of rapport with their on site IT people. There are already a list of half a dozen things where I would wish to nudge them into better practice. This one's on the list! 
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Yes - a gentle hint is probably best, maybe with a link for evidence.
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