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Can I add a manual hostname / DNS entry to my Asus ax82u Router?

I have a very small business and work from home, I have an Asus AX82U router which I find to be a good one. I have an Amazon EC2 server which I use to host SSRS, this has a fixed IP address (let's say

To access the server from my local PCs I have an added an entry into the Windows Hosts file which maps the DNS name (sql19) to the IP address. The client PCs can then just go to http://sql19/reports and it works great.

However, this doesn't work on my iPad (or the other numerous non-pc devices we have). I can enter the IP address directly onto the IP address but this means that links in email subscriptions don't work as they are looking for sql19.

So, I wondered if there was a way on my router of adding this hostname manually? Or any other solution to the iPad problem?

Any ideas gratefully received :)

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@Kimputer - great idea, this might well be the solution. I'll just wait a bit and see if I get any other suggestions.

Just another thought that came to me, I have my own domain (say - can I add a subdomain to it so it would be and assign it to the IP address of my EC2 server - would this make my server any less secure? I do have the security set so only approved IP addresses are allowed to access it (so my home is the only permitted location).

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Adding DNS entries, either local or public DNS servers, doesn't make anything less secure. Having your firewall configured should be sufficient.