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Macro needed to append column A with input string if found

'If the row contains "a specific string" of characters then that specific string of characters should be appended to the end of the cell in the currently selected column.
'This should occur only if the cell in the selected column for the row in question does not already contain that string of characters.
'Also, if the specific string of characters is not found anywhere on the row, then it should not be appended.

Attached is a small sample contacts.xlsm

The actual sheet has many more rows and columns.
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Saqib Husain
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- Right-click on  the sheet tab name
- Select View code
- Paste the below code in the VBA window
- Close the VBA window

- Enter your key word in cell A1

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim cel As Range
If Target.Address = Range("A1").Address Then
    If Target.Value <> "Name" Then
    For Each cel In Range(Target.Offset(1), Target.End(xlDown))
        If Not cel.Offset(, 1).Resize(, Columns.Count - 1).Find(Target.Value) Is Nothing Then
            cel.Value = cel.Value & " " & Target.Value
        End If
    Next cel
    End If
Target.Value = "Name"
End If
End Sub

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Please show a picture of or attach a workbook that shows what you want it to look like after you enter craigslist.
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Still not working as expected

This is the result so far

Sub Append_macro()
Dim strFind As String
Dim tcell As Range
Dim fndcells(200) As String
Dim add As Boolean
Dim frst As String
Dim a As String
Dim lstrow As Integer
a = Left(Replace(ActiveCell.Address, "$", ""), 1)
lstrow = Range(a & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row

strFind = InputBox("Please Input Your Word(s)", "Input Word")
If strFind = "" Then Exit Sub

Set tcell = ActiveSheet.Cells.Find(What:=strFind, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlPart, _
                        MatchCase:=False, searchOrder:=xlByRows)
If tcell Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "Not Found"
Exit Sub
frst = tcell.Address
End If

i = 0
Do Until tcell Is Nothing
    fndcells(i) = tcell.Address

    'Debug.Print found.Address
    Set tcell = ActiveSheet.Cells.FindNext(tcell)

    If tcell.Address = frst Then
        Exit Do
    End If
    i = i + 1

For Each fnd In fndcells
If fnd = "" Then Exit For

    add = True
    For Each cell In Range(a & "1:" & a & lstrow)
        If cell.Value = Range(fnd).Value Then
        add = False
        End If
    If add Then
        Range(a & lstrow + 1).Value = Range(fnd).Value
        lstrow = lstrow + 1
    End If
MsgBox "Done!"

End Sub

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You have modified my macro considerably and your version has a few bugs.  I suggest you return to my original code.

Change line 48 of my original macro to be
.Value = .Value & " " & lookFor

Let me know if that does what you want.

If you prefer I can help you debug your new code, but please be sure it compiles with Option Explicit.

Also,  I would need to understand what you are doing with lstRow. It looks like it might add records to the bottom of your spread sheet. Is that what you want?