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vmware esxi 6.5. Unable to install OMSA through Datastore

I don't work that much with VMWare and never had any formal training. A lot of reading and you tube lessons. I work from home permanently and maintain SCCM for a large company and I built my own Dell R720XD server arrangement at home that I test new software and configs on before updating the company's arrangement. No issues there.
I recently realized I was running out of physical space at home and bought 2 more 600 GB SAS drives. I would like to add these drives to my RAID 10. I found out I can't get it to work with the built in firmware so I decided to try OMSA, but I can't get that installed.  "/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/cross_dell-openmanage-esxi_9.4.0.ESXi650-3776.vib" cannot be found by the install update program.

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