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Best cleanup of iPad for viruses and rogue software

Have an iPad that a client has brought in believes the devices has been compromised by a remote scammer.  He believed he was talking with Amazon customer support until they claimed to have over credited his account by $500 and required him to go to town and get $500 worth of Target gift cards.  Obviously this was a scam.  He googled the phone number for Amazon, and the person had an Indian accent.  That person was allowed to remote into the iPad mini, but cannot confirm if he was able to make changes or only view things.  He has closed the CC accounts (He gave them the full CC # and last 4 of his social security), and contacted Social Security administration (He is retired and collecting from SS).  But what we have never had to deal with is an IOS device used in a scam.  What apps or process should be used to clean and verify the tablet?
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This is one of the few cases I can actually LIKE Apple.

To the best of my knowledge, Apply doesn't permit apps to remote control devices.  The best one can do is "share" the screen.  So anything that would have been done would have been done by the user.  The user would have had to install malware and "showed" information on the iPad to the scammer.  As such, the user should know everything they did.
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That was Apples' answer too.  However VNC apps for iOS exist and claim to be able to control the tablet.  I have another tech working on the tablet currently.  I haven't asked him yet, if any VNC apps were found.

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The user needs to be actively involved to get another person to remotely access the iPad.

So, the user might really believe that the scammer is an IT support person who help him to "fix" the problem.

"How do you remotely support an iPhone or iPad?
  1. Install the TeamViewer QuickSupport app on the iOS device.
  2. On the connecting device, open TeamViewer and enter the QuickSupport session ID provided on the iOS device, and establish the remote control connection.
  3. On the iOS device, allow remote control.
  4. Swipe up on the iOS screen and press and hold the screen-recording icon.
  5. Select TeamViewer and start the broadcast.
  6. The person connecting to the iOS device can then guide the iOS user on solving issues with their device."


VNC apps for iOS exist and claim to be able to control the tablet.

For your information, VNC for iOS exists but it will only allow you to remotely access or control a PC or Mac from an iPhone or iPad (not to remotely access or control an iPhone or iPad).
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This is great information, as we don't regularly work on iOS for these needs.

What about the virus cleaning part of this post?
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