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Working with Remote Desktop effectively

We have eight cashiers who are required to share the tax serial port gadget for the purpose of stamping all produced tax invoices generated.

Now if they are working directly from their workstations without directly access the server where the gadget is directly connected, through RDC (Remote desktop connection) the gadget will never respond at all , unless the connection is to access the server directly as per video below or as mentioned above:



(1) To avoid FEs corruption , can we create eight folders on the server for FEs so that each individual will still access his/her own FE , but all of them linked to one database????????
(2) Can windows 10 pro allow multiple sharing without rdp wrapper?
(3) Is RDP wrapper allowed by Microsoft to share windows this way
(4) Is There better way and legal way to share windows 10 resources with multiple users?
(5) Can the local used in the RDC situation, example change from POS to A4 printer ?


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