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How to prevent Windows Security pop up every time I access a particular site with Microsoft Edge

I have a secure site which allows SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) to be accessed externally, the URL is:

https://ssrs.***.co.uk - the (the *** being my domain name)

All works absolutely fine, but is there any way of stopping this from happening? After first load:

I then have to go to More Choices, change it to "Use a different account" and them I am prompted to enter my username and password - all works fine.

But, as soon as I close Edge it forgets the username and password and prompts me every single time...

Google Chrome doesn't, it asked me to save my password once and dutifully saved it. Even IOS Safari remembers it for a period of time (24 hours?) which is better than having to put it in every single time.

Does anyone know how to get Edge to remember the password? I am using version 91.0.864.59 and don't want to move to Google Chrome as all my passwords and shortcuts are stored in Edge - and I kind of like it :)

I have tried adding my site as a Trusted Site in Internet Options and also adding the username and password to Windows Credential Manager (which I have to say usually works a treat) - but neither of these things work for this...



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