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How do I set a home page in Chromebook

OK, I just purchased my first Chromebook with the idea it can be used for new patients when they arrive to my doctor's office. Of course, I do not want them having access to my account, so they can use the guest account. This will give them only Chrome to use.

But, how can I make the web page of my site be the home page and only page they can go to? How can I keep them from accessing the settings? It is almost as though I need it to act more like a kiosk. It talks about that in the Help section, but it is only for developers.

The other issue with allowing patients to use it as guest only is they can still us the launcher to access files, etc. Maybe I didn't think this out well enough or maybe I can just make sure there are no files there.

Would there be an advantage to having an actual "temp guest account?"
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