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Cell phones via wifi on corporate networks - security concerns....

Hi all

If there is truly concern with employees using their personal cell phones to connect wirelessly to the corporate network WAPS?  Should we beef up the standard and suggest even the principles of the company no longer connect wirelessly?
By allowing these devices on the corporate network, do the servers on the network have more exposure to malware/ransomware/malicious contact from employee phones?  How are others handling this?

What if I were to have a separate router from another ISP, hang switches off that, and then hang the WAPS off of that before the Router (second ISP is for redundancy), feeds into an un unmanaged switch which feeds into the firewall.  Meaning any wifi connected would be technically outside the actual firewall.  Is it really worth the effort if it could be accomplished?

What about in smaller companies where they have only 1 ISP, one cable modem etc?

Again, just wondering what the consensus is out there, the world is getting compromised, trying to do what we can to keep the network safe

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