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Equipping Church Chapel with Audio / Video for hybrid (Zoom & In Person) Services

I represent a small congregation (about 200) who have been having Zoom services since March 2020. We are hoping to resume "Hybrid" services where some will attend in person in our Chapel (capacity about 110, maybe limited to 50 - 60 initially) & some via Zoom. We are NOT open to considering a different video medium because of the learning curve for many of our elder congregants is steep & getting some to understand how to watch our current services was a challenge.

We believe we will need multiple AV sources to feed into zoom to make the Zoom service rich with music & allowing those attending by zoom the maximum experience.

The team working on this has come up with these points.

3 - Video Sources
A single, wide angle, view of the front of the chapel is not adequate to give people at home a sense of connection with activity in the chapel.
Multiple cameras will be needed for appropriate visual coverage of different area in the chapel during different parts of the service.
These include:
  • Person speaking at lectern.
  • Person playing piano.
  • Choir performance.
  • Story reader
  • Additional musicians or vocalists
  • Congregation (ie in front of chapel pointed backwards).
These camera may be fixed area or point-tilt-zoom cameras (TBD).
AV control person will be responsible for switching video sources as needed.

4 - In Chapel video
Any time we project to the front wall, this image will sent out as the video image to zoom.

5 - Combined video
Any time we have a speaker/performer along with projected video, we should send out via zoom a combined video image with the person in a corner of the image as a “Picture-in-Picture.”  Examples: Vocalist sing hymn with words projected in front and story reader with illustrations projected to front.

6 - Overflow. Assuming that the chapel will have some reduction in capacity, we would need an overflow area with audio and video. Possibly could be viewed indoors in another building with a large monitor HD TV or on our courtyard, the latter not preferable because of freeway traffic noise from a close freeway.

Can someone point me to either (a) Where we can learn about this enough to do it ourselves or (b) professional services we could hire (with a limited budget) to help us get this set up right.

Thank you
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