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Forwarding Outlook Email with Specific tags in subject line to send SMS text to cell phone

Hi all,

Has anyone had any success setting up rules within outlook to forward only specific emails that have a subject line tag to their cell phones?   For instance I am on call this week from 8pm EST to 12am EST and if I get an email that contains what we call a Priority 1 (PR1) in the subject line, I would like outlook to forward that email to my cell as an SMS text so I don't miss the alert. Unfortunately no one calls that time of night they just send in emails so if I fall asleep I may not hear the email come in which is why I am thinking this may work if I have my phone on and hear a ding.   We are running O365 so I am guessing I can set rules up from the web interface but not sure fully how to do so.  Again, I do not need it to forward every email that comes in that 4 hour window just emails that have the tag in the subject line of PR1.  Appreciate the help as always.      
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Andrew I couldn't find advanced options I'm using outlook 365
Did you find it?

For the web version

User generated image

User generated image

And for the desktop version

If you search, "Rules" at the top of outlook
User generated image

Once you click create a rule

User generated imageAnd just run the wizard