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Besides user education, are there any other solutions to prevent spear phishing?

This is getting crazy - various users have received phishing emails from the "boss". The sender's email is not even true but one of the users still got tricked.

I don't think SPF,dkim and dmarc would stop this kind of spam. What's your solution?

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generally speaking, the common sense. most phishing emails are money targeted, hence for everything money-related especially payment related, make a phone call directly to the boss to confirm. please note: never use the phone number given in the phishing email, if any,.

another hint might be helpful -it is to use some kind of hidden sign or signature for manager emails, such as always leaving two space characters at the end of 2nd paragraph for all emails from the boss. only internal or related employees know the sign and never put this hint in writing in any company documentations. this will give no clues to the hacker even some of the company documents have been disclosed.
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I have used Mimecast as an end user. It inspects URLs in emails at time of click, incurring a slight delay. I don't know what it costs. https://www.mimecast.com/products/email-security-with-targeted-threat-protection/

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We put a banner header on all email from outside the company. We also started quarantining all emails that have display name as one of our important people.User generated image
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I've used OpenDNS https://www.opendns.com/ which basically prevents you from visiting well known phishing sites.
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One of the challenges surrounding phishing is that once a phishing email is within an inbox, or an account has been compromised and is sending out internal phishing emails, it can be very difficult for admins to reach into user inboxes and remove the threat. Post-Delivery Protection platforms make this easy. Platforms such as IRONSCALES provide a comprehensive solution to this problem, by offering Post-Delivery Protection.

Such platforms protect users from threats within the email inbox. Typically, they use algorithms powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence which are fed typical attributes of phishing emails. They then apply these attributes to the emails your users send and receive, along with analysis from anti-virus engines, to detect suspicious emails.

There are also impact reduction means using web isolation using Web mail  and phishing exercises to enhance end user vigilance

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Thank you all for the great help!

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