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Contents of a G: Drive share by VPN are empty to one user, Yet there are files there.

User connects by VPN
He can see and access all shares ...

However one of the shares G: shows no contents and all other users can see files.
Tried to view by IP address and it the same - empty 

Before he connects the drive shows 50% full which is correct

Any ideas? 

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Amir Azhdari
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Please have a look here, I hope it helps:
Empty net shared folder via VPN ( 
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Perhaps see if you can retrieve, capture or enable logging under Windows Event Viewer logs, look for error codes or Event ID messages, under System or Security etc.. Another way might be leveraging other monitoring tools out there pertaining to the network or events, or capture backend events on the system i.e. ProcMon, there may be another analyzer or performance tool from Microsoft available to help troubleshoot this potential as well