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RDS Redirection is being lost for local printers and local C drive

We are currently encountering issues with local drives and local (non default) printers appearing on end users machines.

We currently have a 2016 standard server setup for RDS which users are able to RDP into. They can access network printers without issue but anything connected or local to their laptop is not appearing.

It seems to be an issue with redirection, but after combing through GPO and the RDS collection properties for users, I cannot see any conflicts.

I did find some end users that had the local settings for local drive and local printer unselected. Once that was corrected their redirection works. But it doesnt explain why redirection will work for all users if i reboot the server the night prior, but then break halfway through the day.

Current settings for redirection:
- RDS User Properties>Client Settings: Drives, Clipboard, plug and play devices are all checked off.

- GPO for easy print is disabled
GPO for Device and resource Redirection:
- Do not allow LPT port redirection --- Not configured
- Do not allow drive redirection --- Not configured
- Do not allow supported plug and play device redirection --- Disabled
- Do not allow Clipboard redirection ---  Disabled.

Settings wise I believe we have everything correct, but i cannot pinpoint why users are still not seeing their local C drive or local printers.

Any thoughts or things to look for would help immensely!

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