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Reset numbering for captions after custom heading

I am trying to use Quick Parts to enable users to easily add correctly formatted captions to a report template. The captions include the chapter number and a consecutive ID.  I'm able to do this without error in the main part of the document where the headers are based on the built in styles. In the appendix section of the document however, I'm using a custom sequence of headers (style name Appendix 1 producing Appendix A as the heading.).

The field codes that I'm using in the appendix section are { STYLEREF "Appendix 1" \s } { SEQ Figure \* ARABIC \s "Appendix 1" }. The documentation that I have read says that the \s switch for the SEQ code should reset the consecutive ID for captions under my custom appendix heading, but this is not happening.

Numbering appears as Figure A.1., Figure A.2., etc. under Appendix A and Figure B.3., Figure B.4., etc. under Appendix B instead of Figure B.1., Figure B.2., etc.

I can fix this problem by using { STYLEREF "Appendix 1" \s } { SEQ Figure \* ARABIC \r1 "Appendix 1" } as the first caption code for each type of caption after an appendix heading changebut this requires me to include a separate Quick Part to be used as the first caption of each type when the appendix letter changes. This is difficult to explain to my users.

My question is, is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?
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