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how to install github in linux

hi i what to install github in linux ubuntu how can i do that
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Most Linux Distro's include this in their Repositories. How you install Software from the Repo's depends on the Distro.

On Debian based Distro's (Debian, Ubuntu etc.), you can open a terminal and enter:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install git-hub

If you are using a GUI in your Distro, there is probably also a package Manager installed, like Synaptic, and then you can open that & search for git-hub, select it & install it...
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GitHub is a git repository hosting service provider. You can't install it on your computer.

git is open-source version control software. You can install git on Ubuntu computer with the command

apt install git git-gui

Open in new window

Once git is installed, you can use it for working with any Git Repository including GitHub. There are other Git Hosting providers like Bitbucket, Gitlab, etc...