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Add additional storage to NAS

Hello our NAS is running low on available on disk space, a couple years back (before my time) a SuperMicro SuperStorage was bought just never added to NAS.  I've never done anything like this before so I'm a little lost, do you need to install an OS and everything on the SuperStorage?  How do you connect the superstorage to current NAS?  I couldn't even find a model number of the information I found is as follows.

P/N: CSE-847
Factory Code: ABC-02

 SO if someone could provide a low level description as to what I need to do I'd appreciate it.  Do I treat this like any other server & install an OS then make some config changes or is there a tool that's used for this?  The back of this thing doesn't look like a typical sever, it just has a separate node with an additional set of disks.  The other SuperMicro (NAS) has a separate set of 2 disks to install the OS on, this one doesn't, so which drives would hold the OS?

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