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rd web site broken - ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

We are running a small win 2016 based deployment and everything was working fine until recently when our RDWeb access would fail with IIS returning immediately a "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET" error.
My issue is I can't seem to have any relevant log / error - probably not looking at the right place.
How should I go about diagnosing this one ?
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From an internal machine (a machine on the same network of the server) open fiddler and try to navigate to the IIS on the server you should search for the red lines.

Then do the same from an external machine (any internet one) and do the same.

Also on the server try to look for errors on the event viewer... those are the 1st step to diagnosed and find what the errors are.

Have you checked certificates on the RDWeb?
Possibly the RDGateway which cuts the connection.

Check if you see the reqeusts in the IIS logs of the server.
If you see nothing there, the connection is blocked before the IIS get the request. 
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Well did that (external then internal then on the server itself ...). In all cases we end up with that error.
And, as mentioned in my first message, I don't seem to find much in the event viewer. I guess I should "tweak" ISS logging to give me more info.
Event Logs --> Applications and Services Logs.

There should be IIS logs under the Microsoft folder.

Make sure logging is turned on for all Windows Firewall profiles so as to be able to check if it is interfering with incoming packets.

Check the BINDINGS in IIS Manager for the site(s) to make sure port 80 and 443 belong to your RDWeb site. This sometimes can be the Default Web Site.

Make sure the AppPools are up and running and not in an error state.
> I don't seem to find much in the event viewer
This is why I said, a RD gateway is usually hosted on a different server.

ERR_CONNECTION_RESET I would interpret, that the server (or gateway) refuses the connection.
Just for anycase, to have it said... IISReset (or reboot) may sometimes help...
And, also check if service accounts are not knocked out, dependend from the App Pools.
We had the case in the past, that the App Pools were still running but resource access was blocked due to password change policies for service accounts. 
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And who asked for certificates? 
Bembi and I both pointed to certificates as that is what checking the BINDINGS is about besides looking in Server Manager.