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How do we back up our sql 2012 database to Azure?

We are trying to push our backups to azure blob storage.  We have read many articles but nothing has seemed to help.  We have created the credentials,

create credential 'https://*.blob.core.windows.net/erp-sql-backups-container'
with Identity = 'TESTBACK',
SECRET = 'asdfasdfasdfaerenlyuilyukgkgkuy='

We then used t-sql to backup database  TEST  to url = 'https://*.blob.core.windows.net/erp-sql-backups-container/test.bak'

we receive a 400 error We believe azure may not be set up properly..
This is the first time we have tried to back up our database to azure, so please understand that we are very new to this.
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