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How do I prevent domain users from creating their own Teams account?


I am just getting started setting up Microsoft Teams for my domain and I was wondering if there is any way to prevent the domain users from creating their own Teams account.  I noticed that even if I haven't created a Teams account yet they can still simply go online and create their own using the the same domain name.  Is there any way to prevent this for my domain and limit account creations to admins only?  

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If you already registered the domain to your admin account (even if you have NO OFFICE 365 subscription), they wouldn't be allowed to log in.
If you still do it now, their login will soon fail after you successfully register it.
Since you're the IT manager, only you can verify the domain.
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They definitely can create their own Teams account.  I've witnessed them do and as a test I created a "Test User" account on my on premises domain and then went online and created a Teams account with it and it registered the "Test User" account in Microsoft 365 admin center and I was able to log into Teams with it.  

I will add that I have not synced my domain with Azure.  I have an on premises domain that is completely local, but I also have the Microsoft 365 admin center that I am slowly going to migrate services to.  I just started testing Teams out through 365.  Could this be part of the problem?  I did register my domain in Microsoft 365 admin center as well.

I stand corrected, after you've registered your domain, EXISTING users can sign up indeed.
There's only one thing you can do. Every time you see a new user, you'll have to go into that user and use the "Block sign-in" function.
Obviously, there will be a small period of time users can sign up and in, and that period is the same amount of time you regularly or not log in to block new users.
You could create a daily report, and look at the total number of users, and only act when that number goes up.
But if I enable "Block sign-in" then they won't be able to log into Teams at all.  So from my testing I would need to create every user on my domain first, then enable "Block sign-in" until they are actually ready for a Teams account.  Is that what you are referring to or am I missing a step?

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