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Display Top n Hours and Top n % insame SSRS report

Hi. I am working on a report request to show top 50 variance between reported actual vs. standard run labor in a manufacturing environment. No big deal but the manager requesting this wants top 50 by both hours and by percentage.  That means most likely two separate result sets.  I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this.  This has to be presented in separate reports right?  is there any way to essentially create two reports with separate output within a single report in SSRS?  My SQL query source includes calculated data columns RunVarianceHrsPerUnit & RunVariancePctPerUnit, which I'd run the Top n reporting against. thanks
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To have both reports showing the same (consistent) result:
Option 1: Make DB snapshot.
Option 2: Replicate DB to another server for read-only access by report.
Option 3: Duplicate tables for reports in the same DB.

You can use change DateTime column in a rows to filter out data for reporting period to minimize data volume in Options 2/3.

Then you can generate 2 reports and export them to files:
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After you've got two reports in two files you can merge files in one.


You can use C#:
1. Develop code.
2. Save 2 reports in one file from EXE. C# can generate Excel, HTML, CSV. TXT, XML, etc.
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Thanks Bembi,  I haven't tried using sub-reports but I think this makes the most sense.  I'll check it out..