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Email client no longer able to login through imap.aol.com

I use emclient to access my Verizon / AOL email account. Yesterday, logging in failed indicating the password was incorrect. But actually, it turns out that something on my HP Windows 10 laptop must be blocking IMAP. My phone and my Lenovo laptop are able to log into my VZ/AOL account using the same imap.aol.com / smtp.verizon.net settings that are failing on HP laptop.

I tried using the IP address for imap.aol.com just to see if it was a DNS issue, but that of course fails because the imap.aol.com certificate wants a name not an IP address.

I am running McAFEE LIveSafe, and I have shut if off (real-time AV and firewall) but still no joy. Windows Event Viewer was not helpful.

To make sure it wasn't just an emclient issue, I installed the Mozilla Thunderbird client, but it gives the same result: comms with imap times out. My HP windows 10 laptop does not have a restore point.

Also, I tried starting in Safe Mode with networking but still wasn't able to complete the IMAP connection.

I am at a loss. How can I find out what's blocking imap?
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Amir Azhdari
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Have you tried connecting using POP3?
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The following command connects...

openssl s_client -crlf -quiet -connect imap.aol.com:993

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So this IMAP server is responding correctly, which means something... likely on your end... is interferring with the connection...

Note: If you get a password failure, continuing to login with an incorrect password will likely lock you out from some period of time... an hour... a day... some period...

To debug this, you'll likely contact Yahoo support (owns the actual IMAP server), to reset your password, then unblock your IP, if you're blocked.
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David Favor
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The way I'd debug this is to...

1) Get off your own local box, in case the IP is blocked.

2) Start an ssh session to some public machine somewhere... makes no difference what machine you use...

3) Run the openssl command above, to determine if connection works (which it does for me).

4) Then type in manual IMAP commands to do a login, then list all messages in the INBOX.

5) If #5 fails, then you'll work with Yahoo support (I hear many people laughing in background) to reset your password.

6) Only after you get your password reset + can complete #4 above (manual connection + login) should you proceed to try this from your own machine.
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Steve Jennings


Thanks David. I am certain that it's locally blocked on my PC. As I said, the same email client on another Windows 10 laptop on the same subnet with the same credentials and the same server settings works.

It's not a password issue.

I am trying to figure what is blocking my connection on this specific laptop.
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imap is port 143/TCP, imaps (imap over ssl) = 993/TCP
Check if your pc firewall allows those.
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